Avery Prevette

Mobilization Coordinator

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As Mobilization Coordinator, Avery helps new leaders with administrative needs.Avery Prevette_Wide Profile on Couch His roles include improving and managing web content, communication, volunteer processes and other resources. He also helps support strategic partnerships with universities and other organizations nationally. His goal is to work alongside leaders to help them extend friendship and hospitality to students out of reverence for Jesus.

In Indianapolis, he helps at the IU – Indy location.


Avery knew about God growing up, but did not follow him. As a teenager, he began a process of questioning and exploring truth. In 2017, he experienced life transformation and started following Jesus. He began serving in a Christian community organization exploring life’s questions named Ration Christi. While in college, he enjoyed discussions with students, faculty, and guests from different religions and cultural backgrounds.

He graduated from IUPUI in 2020 with a BA in History.

Avery wants to help the world feel at home, share God’s commitment and love to bless every people group and mentor student leaders.

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