Avery Prevette

Mobilization Coordinator

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As Mobilization Coordinator, Avery helps start and expand the impact of new ministry locations. Avery Prevette_Wide Profile on Couch His roles include developing, improving and managing volunteer vetting, web content, communication and developing other helpful resources. He also works with others on the national team to support strategic projects. His goal is to manage administrative needs effectively so new ministry leaders like Gabe Ramirez in Indianapolis and the volunteers they mobilize can focus on extending friendship, hospitality and the love of Christ to students. Structure allows leaders to better minister to the people they care for. He eventually helps train and equip team members locally to perform these roles.

In Indianapolis, he helps serve in the ministry at IUPUI and shares vision with churches and other strategic partners.


Growing up, Avery knew about God but lacked a personal relationship with him. He recognized the importance of truth and as a teenager, he pursued it. Matthew 7:7 says: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” God revealed the truth to him and he came to Christ in 2017. He soon began serving with Ratio Christi, a Christian Apologetics ministry at IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis). He interacted with students, faculty, and guests from many different religions and cultural backgrounds. He graduated from IUPUI in 2020 with a BA in History.

While studying at IUPUI, he realized the nations are coming to us and we can reach them through friendship. Just like Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, God mobilizes international students and multiplies their impact. His desire is for God to grow him as a servant leader, equipping others to extend friendship and disciple international students wherever God calls them.

Support Needs
Avery began serving as Mobilization Coordinator in August, 2022. He continues to mobilize partners in what God is doing to impact tomorrow’s leaders from every nation. Would you prayerfully consider supporting this strategic work?

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