Avery Prevette

Mobilization Coordinator

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Avery PrevetteRole
As Mobilization Coordinator, Avery will assist in administration needs for new IFI campus ministers. His roles will include vetting volunteers, working with churches, webpage management, organizing events/activities for students, and administrative aspects of recruitment. His goal is to manage administrative needs effectively so new campus ministers can focus on helping more international students. He will help train volunteers and staff to perform these roles for individual locations as God leads.

Avery occasionally went to church growing up. As a teenager, he pursued other worldviews. Seeking truth, God softened Avery’s heart and he came to Christ in 2017. He soon became involved in Ratio Christi, a student apologetics ministry, at IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis). He served as the chapter’s vice president for two years where he tabled, participated in regular meetings, and collaborated with other faith-based organizations. During this time, he interacted with students, faculty, and guests from many different worldviews. He graduated from IUPUI in 2020 with a BA in History.

While anything a Christian does should be ministry, he felt called to work in ministry full-time. Reflecting upon his experience with Ratio Christi and the importance of the Great Commission, he decided to join IFI. His desire is for God to use him in his future role to reach more international students and help fulfill the Great Commission.

Support Needs
Avery is currently working to build a team of ministry partners to join him in serving internationals. His goal is to foster a community of prayer, extend spiritual blessing, and challenge his partners to have more ownership in the Great Commission.

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