Avery Prevette

Mobilization Coordinator

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As Mobilization Coordinator, Avery fulfills administrative needs for IFI Area Leaders. His roles include vetting volunteers, webpage management, online communication, organizing events/activities for students, and improving existing systems. His goal is to manage administrative needs effectively so Area Leaders and the volunteers they mobilize can focus on extending friendship and hospitality to more international students. He will help train volunteers and staff to perform these roles for individual locations as God leads.


Growing up, Avery knew of God but lacked a personal relationship with him. As a teenager, he pursued other worldviews, like the New Age movement. Avery came to Christ in 2017. He soon began serving as the vice president of Ratio Christi at IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis). During this time, he interacted with students, faculty, and guests from many different religions and cultural backgrounds. He graduated from IUPUI in 2020 with a BA in History.

After reflecting upon his experience with Ratio Christi and how God’s love is being shared with the nations on college campuses, he decided to begin working with IFI. His desire is for God to use him to share the love of Christ with international students from around the world by involving local volunteers and staff.

Support Needs
Avery began serving as Mobilization Coordinator in August, 2022. He continues to mobilize partners in what God is doing through his role and among the nations.

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