Serving the nations on our doorstep in 2023

An Open Letter from Rich Mendola, CEO

January 23, 2023

By opening the door for international students to come to the US, God brings the nations to our doorstep. What an incredible privilege to welcome these students, extend friendship and share Jesus.

But still, most international students never get invited into an American home. Many spend their entire time in the US feeling lost and alone. 

Together we’re changing this reality. As IFI expands to more campuses, we’re able to reach more students with life-changing friendship and hospitality.

Right now, IFI is better positioned than ever to offer the support, friendship and Good News international students need to hear while in the US.

In 2022, we launched Friends Beyond Borders to raise $53,000 in matching funds for the IFI Annual Fund.

In response, generous friends and partners helped us raise $51,433!

Even though we came just $1,567 short of our match goal, this is an unparalleled accomplishment. So many faithful supporters showed up and gave beyond our expectations to raise more than ever before for IFI’s international student outreach.

As we celebrate this record-breaking total together, we look ahead and expect greater things. In 2023, IFI will be launching new campuses with the potential to reach thousands more international students from over 100 countries.

In his faithfulness, God is bringing people from around the globe to us. Together, may we serve the nations on our doorstep and reach more international students with the good news.

Grateful for your partnership,

Rich Mendola

Rich Mendola
Chief Executive Officer