IFI is partnering with Pray Campus America!

It’s happening!


What if in the 247th Year of America, the sound of 24/7 worship & prayer began to arise – as a united invitation from earth to heaven –for the presence of God to come and dwell on the college campuses of America?

Don’t miss out on being a part of what God will do this year, grow in your faith, and experience a community of believers crying out to God for students on our college campuses.

Beginning January 17th, multiple churches, ministries, and campus organizations are uniting in prayer for college campuses in the US. As part of our participation, WE want to specifically pray for the international students!

International Friendships has adopted 12 hours per month every second Wednesday to pray from 6am-6pm.

We need 48 volunteers and/or staff to commit to 15 minutes per month to pray.  Enlist a partner or a group to pray with you! You’ll be given some requests, but you may tailor your prayer requests to fit the needs of your campus and international students.  There will be an opportunity to meet quarterly to share your experiences and hear what is happening nationally.

What Next?

Simply sign up below for a 15 minute prayer slot beginning Wednesday, February 14th and we’ll be in touch!

  A red circle shows how many people are signed up to pray during that time slot (all times are in EST.) If there is no red circle, then the time slot needs to be filled. Please feel free to sign up for more than 1 time slot.  Multiple people may sign up for the same time.

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Who is Behind This?

A united family of revival seeking believers desiring to host the presence of God for the transformation of college campuses and the awakening of a generation to the purposes of God.

Who are they?

We are a collaboration of friends & revival family across the nation, from many different ministries, networks and movements.


  • To Behold the Beauty & Worth of Jesus
  • To Pray for Revival & Awakening on College Campuses 
  • To Make His Presence, Heart & Kingdom Known 
  • To Give Jesus the Reward of His Sufferings 

Visit the Pray Campus America website to learn more.

More ways to pray for international students