In His name the nations will put their hope.  Matthew 12:21

What does an IFI Prayer Partner do?

  • The over 1 million international students who study at universities in the United States.
  • The fruitfulness of our service.
  • IFI’s CEO and National Leadership Team.
  • The Staff working on campuses and with students – their relationships, funding and families.
  • The Staff working to support the organization behind the scenes.
  • The Returnee initiative and those serving around the world.
  • Our Development Team and the support partnerships that keep the organization strong.
  • The Volunteers, Friendship & Conversation Partners and friends of IFI.
  • The Churches we help mobilize to extend hospitality and friendship to international students.

The IFI Prayer Bulletin will be sent monthly to your email.

Prayer should be our first response to any need, and we rely on our Prayer Partners to support us as we go to the Lord together.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an IFI Prayer Partner! Your prayer support is invaluable to us. 

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More ways to pray for international students

IFI has recently launched an International Student Prayerline that students can call in order to be connected with a volunteer who will listen to their concerns and offer to pray for them. Feel free to share the prayerline number (1-800-372-1013) with students you know or contact our prayer coordinator, Michele Kurfees, to volunteer.