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Equipping American workers to befriend, serve, and mentor international students on U.S. campuses

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International Student Ministry Apprenticeship Program

The International Student Ministry Apprenticeship Program (ISMAP) is a one-year learning experience with International Friendships, Inc. (IFI), in Columbus, Ohio – one of the largest campus- and community-based ministries to international students in the United States.

The Apprenticeship Program is designed to develop workers who can…

  • Welcome international students to American campuses
  • Show students Jesus by example

  • Help them learn American culture
  • Help students know Jesus personally and grow in Him

  • Mentor students who can extend God’s love globally

Program FAQs

What hands-on experiences do apprentices get?2018-11-01T11:23:42-04:00
  • Coordinate hospitality for the students
  • Help students settle into off-campus housing
  • Follow up on new contacts
  • Join English Conversation Club
  • Co-lead Bible discussion groups
  • Plan and run special events
  • Meet one on one with internationals
  • Have a personal staff ministry mentor
How long is the program?2018-09-06T17:20:27-04:00

This one-year program runs July 1 through June 30

Who are good candidates for this program?2018-11-01T11:24:20-04:00

American Christians who

  • have an undergraduate degree or are in Bible college
  • feel called to ISM and want to learn how to do it
  • are eager to grow in cross-cultural sensitivity

Program Details

Cost Participants raise $1250 – $1800/month to pay for ministry and living expenses
  • Submit a 500-600 word essay outlining why you are applying, what knowledge and skills you will bring to the program, and how the apprenticeship will support your ministry goals.
  • If selected, you will complete an employment application and reference forms
Application Deadline January 1 for the following July
Contact Russ Sermon, ISMAP Director
International Friendships, Inc.
1520 Old Henderson Rd, Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43220
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