Matt Burris

Campus Minister

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Hey! I’m Matt. I have been serving Jesus since 1999 when I met him in a radical encounter. I was taking a ride when the presence of God filled my car and got my attention! It was the first time in my life I had ever felt the presence of God. I began following Jesus a week later at a youth service and haven’t been the same since. Early on I would spend as much as 8 hrs with my bedroom door shut while I was reading the Bible and laying before the Lord. I had a couple ask me to come and preach at their church a year or so later and I told them that I was too young for that. That evening I led someone to Jesus and felt the Holy Spirit tell me to open my Bible to Jeremiah chapter 1. I began reading as God called Jeremiah as a prophet to the nations and he told God that he was too young! It was the exact same response I gave that couple that asked me to preach in their church!

I began sharing the love of Jesus on the street and in churches as God opened the doors.  I was invited to attend the Reinhard Bonnke School of Ministry in Orlando, Florida where they brought in 120 students from around the world.  In the time following, God really opened my eyes to what is possible to those that fully rely on Him and step out in faith. I’ve seen Jesus do the same things that we read about in the gospels!  The miraculous power of God is still available today and should be displayed by those that walk with Jesus Christ as a testimony of the reality of what is written!

I am passionate about raising up people to display the love of God and the power of God to those around them. I look forward to serving with International Friendships and serving the international students that come to Ohio University. Years ago God spoke to me out of Jeremiah 1:5-10 but I have never ministered out of the country. When I found IFI I knew this was fulfillment of what God has spoken to me so many years ago about! I’m excited to see how God will use me in this campus ministry and look forward to sharing the love of God with every international student that I meet.

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