Lynn Jarrett

Ministry Leader

Give a Gift

I have been living in Canton, Michigan since we moved here in 1999. Canton is an incredibly diverse community where we have been fortunate enough to have neighbors/friends from various countries. Those relationships have been priceless in showing me and my family how to accept and appreciate other cultures.

In 2021, God really stirred my heart for truly developing a more global outlook outside my immediate community. I started to intentionally reach out to international people wherever I went. I want to become a learner of all different cultures so I can develop those strong friendships that show the love and hope of God.

My entire professional and ministry career has been utilizing my gifts of leadership to build programs and ministries from the ground up. None of that would have been possible without God in every step of it! So many lives impacted and forever changed with how God has worked through the people involved in those ministries.

I strive to continue serving with IFI long-term and dedicate the gifts God has given me to serve internationals. To do so, I am looking for monthly financial supporters to join me in fulfilling God’s promises to bless all nations.

Give a Gift