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Communications Manager

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I have and probably always will be a storyteller. I suppose my last name gives that away!

I spent a semester as an international student in Hirakata, Japan when I was a junior at Muskingum University. I was studying communications and media, and thought Japan would be an interesting and new perspective. The experience completely changed my life, but not in the obvious way I expected! I came to see true kindness and love of neighbor during my time there like I’d never seen before–and it was completely thanks to Jesus.

You see, I was “adopted” by a Japanese couple at the local Catholic church. The first time I walked in, Chieko-san — a complete stranger — grabbed me by the arm and directed me to her own seat where she could translate the Mass into my ear. It was the beginning of an incredible friendship and adventure in a place so very far from home. I came to view her and her husband as my Japanese parents, and I learned a great deal from them that has made me into who I am.

This friendship and the lessons I learned about courage and love carried me through a Master’s degree at Ohio University, and six years of managing my own marketing company helping small businesses to tell their stories and follow their dreams. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down a lot of those businesses, including my own.

Now, I am so excited to be joining IFI as a Communications Manager. This is an opportunity that will allow me to help tell many international students’ stories, while also facilitating friendships that make all the difference in an otherwise lonely situation. Welcoming strangers into our lives can be scary! But I hope to show exactly why overcoming such fear can be so, so worthwhile.

WAYS TO PARTNER: I am currently developing a personal ministry team of supporters, and I am so thankful for your help! You can currently join my ministry partnership by:
– Giving monthly/annual gifts.
– Praying for me and my work, specifically for the Holy Spirit to do the talking.
– Sharing this opportunity with others and connecting them to me.

Please consider if the Lord is calling you to partner with me in this ministry of filling our social media feeds with GOOD things and GOOD stories charged with the power of Jesus Christ. Please contact me by email at  to indicate your partnership in prayer, and/or click the link on this page to support my ministry financially.

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