Kelsee Jordan

Campus Minister (New York City)

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As a Campus Minister in New York City, I find great joy and excitement by engaging with international students and their families through various student associations and culture specific forms of outreach. As I connect with others, my aim is to always be a representation of Christ and meet them right where they are. Regardless of who they are, what that have done, or where they have been, I love bringing together all of God’s creation under one roof where we can recognize just how great our Lord is. I strive to share the love of God through the personal relationships and friendships that are made along the way and hope for them to continue sharing what they have learned back at home and within their own community.


Within my faith journey there are two main concepts that I always keep with me. One, we are called to devotedly step out into faith. Two, God’s sovereignty is bewildering. Throughout my life God has given me many passions, passions that some would say could never work together in a practical setting. My first large passion was the performing arts, specifically dance. I currently hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance, Performance, and Choreography from Ohio University with a minor in Military Science. During this time, I was also enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard and simultaneously a part of the ROTC program where I commissioned as an officer upon the completion of my degree. I always had a love for the Lord and heart for ministry, but it was not until my senior year of undergrad when I understood that God was calling me to share His word in unique ways. So as a result, during my senior year at OU I applied to Liberty University to pursue a Master of Divinity focusing in Chaplaincy and Christian Counseling. I also then decided to pursue chaplaincy in the Army and am currently a Chaplain Candidate in the Army National Guard.

I ended up in New York City because upon graduating I received an offer to intern with various dance companies. In return this has blessed me to pursue professional dance opportunities as well as freelance opportunities that permitted me to create some of my own work. But as time moved on and I continued to pray for God’s guidance, it became very clear that my skills in the arts had been preparing me for something quite different than what I was planning for. My heart kept moving towards ministry and new doors kept presenting themselves to me. One of those doors was IFI, and I am beyond excited to begin this journey in campus ministry where I get to use my knowledge of scripture and personal connection all in one place to create disciples of God and fulfill the Great Commission.

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