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Before coming to IFI, God led me down a series of roads I never would have imagined would come together to lead me here to this opportunity at IFI. Growing up, I was always involved in a local church with my mom. The church was very involved in raising funds to translate the Bible into a tribe’s own language so they could read the word for themselves.

During times of loneliness, with a lack of close Christian friends, I fell in love with stories. At first, it was merely just a lot of reading, but as my writing skills matured, I began to create my own stories. Upon graduating with my English degree from The OSU Lima Branch, I also graduated with a minor in Creative Writing, where I learned to love the art of writing and storytelling even more.

Now, at IFI, I have the chance to use all of these experiences to help others. I can work to help spread the gospel to other parts of the world just as I did in church growing up. I know and can understand the feeling of loneliness that international students have when coming to America, which means I can identify with them. Furthermore, with my writing skills and love of stories, I can help to spread not only the story of Jesus but the stories of international students from around the world and their own journeys.

★ IFI’s Mission: To extend life-changing hospitality and friendship to international students out of reverence to Jesus.

★ Katie’s Mission: To share the story of IFI staff, partners, volunteers, and international students to reach even more people with the love of Jesus.

To read more about why this ministry to International Students is important and see verses from the Bible indicating the need for what IFI does, click this link.

Ways to Partner

Give monthly/annual gifts Pray for me and my work For God’s wisdom, knowledge, and insight in my ministry journey. For financial partners to enable me to attain full funding. To be a blessing to internationals, as a believer and a friend. Share this opportunity with others and connect them to IFI. Please consider if the Lord would have you partner with me in this ministry of influencing and sharing the story of internationals and help change the world one person at a time. Please contact me by email at  to indicate your partnership in prayer, and/or click the link on this page to support my ministry financially.

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