New Volunteer Training

The New Volunteer General Training is an overview of the IFI Vision and Values and will teach you the skills you’ll need to relate to your international friend.

A one time training for new volunteers

  • A Volunteer Handbook will be provided. If you would like to make a donation toward the cost of the materials click here.  Suggested donation is $5 per person.
  • Please submit a new volunteer application prior to attending a training session. Click here to complete an application.
  • PLEASE SIGN UP AHEAD: Training sessions and sign up are below.
Click Here to Access Online Training

Volunteer Training Sign Up

New volunteers must complete ALL 3 of these components in order to become an official IFI volunteer: 
3. A new volunteer training (BELOW)

Husbands and wives should each complete this form separately if both will be attending the training.
Your Contact Information
This information is used to identify you in our database. If you have not already completed a volunteer application, please take a few minutes to do that here:

Please enter using the mm/dd/yyyy format.

Your Church Info

Select Member if you are a church member or even a small group leader or non-pastoral staff member. Only select Pastor if you are a lead or associate pastor on staff with your church.
Register for the training session you will attend

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